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Avoiding WannaCry Ransomware

 A Person Operating His SmartphoneJETT BT has been protecting our customers from this threat and other Internet menaces well before the WannaCry event hit the news media. The key to this protection has been our delivery of consistent and meticulous maintenance to our customers’ PCs and network devices.  Our monthly service programs are designed to ensure that all security patches are applied and working for our customers in a timely manner.

The WannaCry ransomware is delivered through a phishing email and infects the user’s PC or server when a link is clicked from the opened email.

Tips for being watchful of Phishing activities arriving in your Inbox

Phishing and cyber-threats continue to evolve. With added frequency, sophistication, and more economic impact, it is extremely important to protect yourself and your business before it happens. To help prevent infection by the threats similar to WannaCry, learn to look for the signs of a phishing email and delete these immediately:

Signs indicating potential phishing messages may include:

  • A request to verify your name, email address, personal data by clicking a link from an unknown sender
  • URLs that state one destination, but direct you to a different one – check this by hovering your mouse over the URL
  • Poor spelling and/or grammar and a request to click a link
  • Various threats of ‘your account will be closed’ or ‘your account has been compromised’ or ‘urgent action required’

As good as the malware protection is on your PC, you must do your part and remain alert for suspicious emails and NEVER click on links in emails in which you are suspicious of or unfamiliar with the sender or content.

If you would like help securing the network of your business, call JETT Business Technology 770-667-6178

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