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JETT Business Technology is proficient in providing industry-leading Managed IT Services

JETT leverages decades of technological expertise and experience to recommend IT infrastructure systems that are key to the operational viability and productivity that your business demands. Since 1998, JETT has delivered the highest quality IT services and component procurement for our client's IT needs. JETT's managed IT services provide maintenance and support safeguarding your IT investments so your business can achieve an accelerated ROI and operational excellence. Whether you are in need of a one-time service call or would like a monthly managed service solution that serves your needs and IT budget, JETT can help.

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Let JETT Design and Deliver your IT Projects, large or small!
We can assist you with your IT infrastructure and communications solutions, or help you determine the best way to leverage cloud services to support your long-term business goals. Our solutions experts work with our "best-of-breed" partners to ensure your company gets the best solution that aligns your business needs with your budgets. 

Along with JETT's tailored IT solutions, our team of IT Program and Project Managers, Delivery Managers, and Deployment Technicians can turn strategies into operational realities.  From setting up new, secure WAN and LAN networks, migrating existing on-premise services to utilizing cloud services, or setting up a customized VoIP telephony platform, we can help with that. Here is a sampling of the IT solutions JETT excels in delivering:

  • Traditional Computing Solutions - Server, Laptops, Desktops, Printers
  • Network Design and Deployments - WAN, LAN, Wireless, Cloud
  • Third-Party Cloud Solutions
  • Collaboration Solutions - Email, Video Conferencing, Chat and IM
  • Business Continuity Solutions - Local and Cloud Backup/Recovery, Remote Access, etc.
  • Data Security - External and Internal Threat Prevention
  • Office Automation and Backoffice Software Solutions
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) Telephony - Hosted on-premise or VaaS Solutions

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Our Technology Partners

JETT has developed firm relationships and purchase histories with many of the leading business technology industry vendors. Our partnerships and annual purchase levels have positioned us to obtain excellent price discounting and product access. As your IT services partner, JETT can provide this extended level of purchasing power which directly translates into additional savings on all hardware, software, and other materials.