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At JETT we recognize that IT support is most important to you in the minutes and seconds after an event takes place because if your employees can’t get their work done, your business is losing money.


Your trusted provider of IT systems strategy, installation, maintenance, and support in Atlanta, GA for more than two decades. Our proven methods provide peace of mind when you know your critical infrastructure is running smoothly, allowing you to remain focused on your business operation.

Expert IT Consulting Services in Atlanta

JETT Business Technology is your one-stop shop for managed IT services in Atlanta. We provide IT installation, IT support, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and premise security for small businesses in the Atlanta area. For larger companies, we offer these plus program & project management to help get critical tasks done on time. Best of all, we provide ongoing support packages to prevent potential problems from ever affecting your business’s operations. Our expertise extends past just IT consulting. We are experts in strategic planning, CIO, solutions design, and systems implementation. Our services can help you whether you run a big box retail store, a factory, a professional services firm, or a property management company. Our executive team has a combined 100+ years of experience providing IT and security services for Atlanta’s biggest companies like Coca-Cola, UniSys, NCR, and the US Department of Defense. No matter what kind of business you run, JETT Business Technology can help your operation run smoothly. 


Every customer has their own unique IT environment, which should be tailored to their needs and budget. JETT strives to provide IT service in Atlanta that are both efficient and cost-effective. When solutions are built on best practices and are correctly planned and deployed, your organization functions more effectively. The correct support structure is critical to creating an efficient, productive, cost-effective IT environment for your firm. Schedule an IT assessment today & we’ll give you a plan that best suits your needs.

Expert IT Consulting Services in Atlanta

Managed IT Services Atlanta, GA

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When it comes to managing and getting the most from your business technology investment, it never hurts to be a better educated consumer. In our no-obligation consultation, we can provide an assessment of your current IT systems and processes, explore your roadmap for business success and provide an IT plan to help you get there.

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