Services Offered

JETT’s technological expertise and experience are broad ranging and can deliver the reliable and cost effective solution that meets your business technology needs:
• IT Computing
• IT Networking
• IT Cloud Services
• Email Systems
• Data Protection – Backup and Recovery
• Data Security, Network Security
• Office Automation and Function Software
• Voice Over IP (VOIP) Telephony
• Low Voltage Premise Cabling

JETT’s monthly support services program is designed to position your company’s Business Technology systems to operate reliably and to the best of their ability on a daily basis. In doing this, your company is best positioned to enjoy the full benefit of the investment you’ve made in these systems.

JETT delivers data backup, co-location, and file & print server capabilities from the JETT Cloud so that customers can distance themselves from the headaches and added expenditures that these systems and capabilities can bring as traditionally delivered from an in-house presence at the customer’s office premise.

JETT has been providing IT program/project management and technical services to Fortune 1000 companies for the past 19 years. Early career experiences in Fortune 100 IT Divisions provides a solid foundation for delivering innovative and valuable components to enterprise-level and globally-scoped IT projects.

JETT's low voltage cabling and premise security division delivers a full suite of low voltage solutions for voice, data, and camera systems. This includes traditional low voltage cabling as well as fiber installations embedded with industry-leading materials and components. We work with respected manufacturers including Leviton, Belden, Superior Essex, Hitachi, Corning, Huffman, and many others.

IT Support

Our Philosophy and Commitment... one of daily excellence in delivering business technology products and services that best enable our customers in meeting their business objectives. We operate from a foundation of decades of IT experience, a focus on industry standards and proven methods, an alliance with leading manufacturers, and a heart for long term relationships. We speak often to our customers and in plain English instead of the 'geek speak' that's so pervasive in our industry. The practice of IT is an art that embodies common sense, an ability to listen, an expertise in execution, a passion for service, and an appreciation of the economics in meeting the goals at hand. Our Commitment Is To Practice Well!

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