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IT Installation and Support

JETT's Managed IT Services: Rapid Issue Resolution to Minimize Downtime

SumIT: Monitoring, Maintenance and Problem Resolution — Labor Included

This IT support plan uses sophisticated monitoring tools and processes to check the health of business technology systems each day. These multi-point checks provide JETT engineers with an “up to the moment” understanding of situations that can develop into problems for your operation. The SumIT plan includes all issue resolution (servers, network, workstations), plus automated maintenance routines on servers and workstations. In addition, JETT’s problem resolution labor is all-inclusive in the predetermined monthly support fee. SumIT offers a very effective solution for ensuring support costs are consistent and contained each month.

Highlights of SumIT

Automated and Manual Systems Monitoring Coverage


EssentialIT: Advanced System Health Checks, Monitoring and Management

This support plan uses the same advanced monitoring, management tools and processes delivered in the SumIT plan to check the health of systems every day. These multi-point checks provide JETT engineers with an “up to the moment” understanding of situations that can develop into problems for your operation. Problem resolution and move/add/change/delete tasks are billed on a time and materials basis.

Highlights of EssentialIT

Automated and Manual Systems Monitoring

SumIT and EssentialIT: Monthly Monitoring, Maintenance and Support Services

Monthly services are a combination of human technical expertise and industry proven automation. The core of this automation resides in the JETT Cloud, with continuity ensured through the collocated infrastructure upon which our cloud environment resides.

Security measures include (but are not limited to)

Professional IT Solutions on Premise and on Demand as Needed

Our managed IT services are flush with cloud-based automation and responsive toolsets to ensure our customers’ systems deliver good performance throughout the expected lifecycle. However, there are times when are technicians need to be onsite to deliver maximum service. Rest assured that our remote support capabilities as well as our on-site presence are fully available to meet your specific needs.

Your Single, Secure Resource for All Things IT

In addition to Managed IT services, JETT’s advanced IT solutions are purpose-built to help keep your firm secure, productive and profitable. From cloud security to dark web monitoring for business and even colocation infrastructure, we cover all the bases. Call us to discuss the possibilities.

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