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JETT's Program & Project Management Services

JETT has been providing IT program/project management and technical services to Fortune 1000 companies for the past 22 years. Early career experiences in Fortune 100 IT Divisions provides a solid foundation for delivering innovative and valuable components to enterprise-level and globally-scoped IT projects.

JETT delivers contracted services specific to the areas of:

JETT’s Enterprise-Level program and project management services in Atlanta can bring organization, professionalism, efficiency, and a ‘get it done’ style of execution to your business programs and projects…and that makes for good business!

Contact us for a free consultation on how JETT can serve your enterprise-level IT program or project.

How JETT’s IT Project Management Can Help

IT project management gives you access to people that are well-versed in methods, best practices, and industry standards. Their knowledge improves project results and efficiency.


Outsourcing IT project management helps firms to focus on their core competencies, encouraging efficiency and innovation. It minimizes recruiting and training costs, and our pricing models give cost certainty, reducing unexpected spending.


Scalability and Flexibility: External project management firms provide the opportunity to modify project teams in response to changing requirements, hence increasing agility.


Risk Mitigation and Compliance: Experienced project managers identify and minimize risks, guaranteeing regulatory compliance and avoiding costly project failures.


Access to Cutting-Edge Tools: Access to cutting-edge tools and technologies that streamline project workflows is frequently included in outsourced IT project management.


Thanks to our experience working in some of Atlanta’s largest employers, JETT can help manage your company or organization’s IT project management needs all without added headaches. Your company can focus on what it’s good at while we do what we’re good at. By delegating responsibilities to us, you can trust that your IT project management needs are in good hands.

FAQ About Enterprise Program & Project Management Services

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