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JETT's Security Services: A Fortified Posture to Thwart the Eventual

With the news filled with horror stories of firms crippled by cyberattacks, your operation will eventually be attacked. It is our duty to protect our clients to the utmost degree. In addition to the core protections (firewall, VPN remote access, and endpoint detection and response (EDR)) that are absolute for base security, we also can deliver additional key security services — Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Dark Web Monitoring and Phishing Training and User Testing.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): The First Line of Defense Against Careless Personnel

Requiring personnel to use MFA helps ensure access credentials will not be stolen. In many cases, specific implementations can eliminate the need for passwords completely. In others, it substantially decreases the risk of password theft.

Dark Web Monitoring: Prevent Criminals from Holding Your Company and Its Data Hostage

With more than 15 billion credentials1 available on the Dark Web, the odds are strong that nearly every business has lost some confidential information to this criminal enterprise. Removing it is impossible, but JETT has a better approach: render it useless. Our dark web monitoring for business continually monitors the Dark Web for our client’s credentials and, if any are identified, notifies and assists management to take immediate action. Our security experts can also help company teams implement best practices in the regular management of passwords and other credentials.

Phishing Training and Testing: Help Personnel Avoid Becoming Victims

To ensure employees can recognize and avoid phishing threats (the root cause of many data breaches), JETT offers expert phishing training. A series of self-paced, easy-to-understand training sessions is followed with periodic testing to assess user awareness of these threats, the dangers associated, and knowledge of how to avoid them.

For a complimentary discussion of your firm’s current security posture, and to explore a customization of these to meet your needs, we invite you to call us. Almost daily, our highly certified, deeply knowledgeable experts are uncovering new information on threats and hacker techniques — and ways your firm and your business technology systems can avoid them. From managed IT to cloud security and beyond, JETT’s advanced IT solutions are purpose-built to help keep your firm secure, productive and profitable.


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