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Cloud Computing Services Atlanta, GA

JETT's Cloud Services in Atlanta: Built on Rock-Solid Security

JETT’s Cloud Services in Atlanta alleviate the concerns inherent with business technology infrastructure so our clients can focus on the more productive, profit-generating efforts of running their business! From world-class, hypersecure, highly certified data centers to an SSL VPN connection that protects client data in transit, every best-practice, enterprise-grade protection has been implemented. Our 99.9% uptime guarantee ensures 24/7 productivity with fewer than nine hours of downtime per year.

UmbraIT — A Redundant Cloud Solution That Ends In-House Management Hassles

With UmbraIT, our customer’s server systems and data are transitioned to the hypersecure JETT cloud. All data and systems are continually protected with managed offsite backup across multiple, tightly secured, highly certified data centers in locations known for their low incidence of natural disasters.

No longer do business leaders need to invest in colocation infrastructure such as file server hardware and software that traditionally has resided in some off-limits corner of their office space. UmbraIT allows our customers to free up this space and the worry of buying and maintaining their own infrastructure in addition to power, air conditioning, and the secured rooms upon which those systems rely.

Highlights of UmbraIT:

DuplicIT — Offsite Data Backup that Works Simply… and Simply Works

For business leaders that desire (or are required) to maintain their business data on their premises, JETT offers DuplicIT. This data backup service ensures data is always available and secure, no matter what happens to onsite systems. All data and systems are continually backed up redundantly across JETT’s tightly secured, highly certified data centers in locations known for their low incidence of natural disasters.


Highlights of DuplicitIT:

The JETT Bonus: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for DuplicIT Users

With UmbraIT and DuplicIT, JETT has the ability to implement a BC/DR program that ensures organizations and their staff can keep working. If a physical calamity — such as a fire or water damage or shutdown due to natural disaster — occurs at the location of a DuplicIT customer, JETT can get the organization up and running on UmbraIT — with full access to its data stored through DuplicitIT — until the customer’s systems and network are restored.

About the JETT Data Center

JETT’s data center facilities utilize enterprise-grade technologies and equipment from leading providers and manufacturers.

To discuss how JETT’s experts can help your firm adopt advanced IT solutions in the Cloud computing in Atlanta, call us for a complimentary consultation.

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