Low Voltage and Premise Security Services

Low Voltage and Premise Security Services

JETT's low voltage cabling and premise security division delivers a full suite of low voltage solutions for voice, data, and camera systems. This includes traditional low voltage cabling as well as fiber installations embedded with industry-leading materials and components.  We work with respected manufacturers including  Leviton, Belden, Superior Essex, Hitachi, Corning, Huffman, and many others.

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JETT’s Low Voltage and Premise Security Services

JETT’s BICSI trained experts and technicians can provide all structured cabling, access control, camera surveillance, sound masking, and audio-visual needs for office moves, adds, and changes as well as new construction projects. JETT has the ability to deliver structured cabling, access control, security camera surveillance, sound masking, audio visual needs of any business office size and location within the continental U.S.

Structured Cabling Service
• Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a cabling
• Fiber Optics – all types
• Outside Plant Cabling

Access Control
• Lock and secure interior and exterior doors
• Control and track site access
• Camera Surveillance integration available
• New and existing installation and service offered

Security Camera Surveillance
• Allows for remote monitoring for security and managing operations
• Check on shipments, customer traffic, workplace safety, daily operations and more
• Deterrent for potential thieves and provides valuable archive information if incidents occur
• JETT offers complete design, installation, training, and service

Sound Masking
• Ambient background sound engineered to match the frequency of human speech for greater speech privacy
• Makes office space quieter and more private relative to conversations and other sounds
• Delivers the Most Value in open office environments, conference rooms, health care facilities, legal offices, education, waiting rooms, etc.
• JETT offers complete design, installation, training, and service

Audio Visual
• Flat panel TVs, projectors, audio speakers - conference room system design and installation
• Digital Signage