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Different Types Of MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Different Types Of MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

When it comes to information technology, multi-factor authentication is incredibly important and non-optional if you value security. However, there are various options when it comes to MFA. This blog post will discuss the different types of multi factor authentication.

MFA is growing in poopularity because it requires another level of verification before access is granted.

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Multifactor Authentication Types

Hardware OTP (One-time Password Tokens)

This type of authentication uses hardware-based devices. They create a one-time cryptographic code. You can use a fob device to deliver it to a built-in screen, or you can use a PIN to access the OTP.

Then, through a verification process, the system can determine that the user holds the correct code. One of the issues with this is the scalability, since it does require physical devices.

Standalone OTP Mobile Applications

Authenticator apps provide verification in real time. They refresh every 30 seconds. The user needs to enter the OTP into the app before they can access it. One of the upsides to these mobile applications is that they provide better flexibility and convenience, as well as scalability.

SMS-Based OTPs

This is a user-friendly option that uses SMS text messages to send a password to your phone. From here, the password is then used to authenticate. One vulnerability is SIM swapping with this method. That’s why it’s best to consult with IT experts first before introducing any kind of multi-factor authentication.

Smart Cards And Cryptographic Hardware Tokens

These can be used to log on to computers and then digitally sign transactions. Smart Cards may be required, along with Dedicated Reader. But it can be contactless if you have the right hardware tokens connected via USB.

Soft Token Software Development Kits (SDKs)

SDKSs use cryptographic operations. For instance, digital signatures are used to authenticate the device and the user. Here, soft tokens create convenience and scalability.

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