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The Biggest IT Managed Services Benefits

The Biggest IT Managed Services Benefits

Taking advantage of managed IT services in Atlanta is not a new concept. However, small, medium-sized, and enterprise companies should leverage IT even more to the extent that their investment allows.

There are several IT managed services benefits in particular. And you don’t have to bring more in-house staff on board to start.

So in this post, let’s explore what managed IT services are. We’ll also discuss the various benefits of managed IT services. That way, you can determine the best option for scaling your business technology while meeting your budgetary needs and KPIs.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are using a company to perform your IT operations instead of bringing on a staff. Instead of hiring people as employees and being on your payroll, you simply use contractors.

These managed IT services can be around the clock and 24/7. The expert IT services help you monitor cyber threats, evolve based on your industry needs, and prioritize technology tasks. Ultimately, they provide a full service solution by leveraging their expertise.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Let’s explore why managed services are so popular currently. There are several managed IT services benefits:


When you need quick solutions to technological problems, nothing beats a Managed IT Service. You can access different IT professionals with varying fields of expertise. Compare this to the time it would take to go to school or send your own staff through all the training necessary.


An MSP can provide you a flat rate or scalable fee. This way, if you’re not using the services, you don’t necessarily pay for more than what you’re using or need. Keeping up with demand.

Technology is always evolving. AI, machine learning, and other technologies are rapidly changing the business landscape as we know it. MSPs keep up with these technological trends so that you don’t have to. They will implement up-to-date solutions.


Related to the above point, you need to be on top of international threats. A hacker in Russia or Romania could easily enter your system. From here, they can move laterally and lock you out of your own information.

Not only can this information fall into the wrong hands, which could destroy your business, this information could also hold your information for ransom. Either way, in the meantime, your customers won’t be served and you won’t be able to move forward in your business.

Security is of the utmost importance. A managed IT provider can implement security protocols like firewalls, multi-factor authentication, VPNs, and more. It’s perhaps one of the most critical benefits of IT managed services.

Getting Back Up to Normal Operation

If you do experience downtime with any of your IT infrastructure, an MSP can help you get back to full speed faster than it would usually take. This way, you waste the least amount of time and opportunity cost.

Not Enough Knowledge In-House

If you simply don’t have the teams or systems in your company right now, this is another reason to outsource that burden to somebody else.

Data Migrations

In today’s day and age, the amount of data you have will grow every single month and every single year. Sometimes you need to migrate this data to different data centers or even into the cloud. These migrations can be costly and difficult. They must be handled correctly by IT experts.

Learn More About Managed IT Services Today

Reach out to JETT Business Technology and learn about managed IT services. Understand how your business can benefit from scalable, secure, flexible solutions.

Our team of experts know exactly how to identify your enterprise’s needs. From there, we will develop a custom game plan to ensure you are constantly evolving while protecting your current data and workflow.


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