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What Are The Benefits Of Multi Factor Authentication?

What Are The Benefits Of Multi Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication provides a first line of defense against a variety of digital attacks. Also called MFA, it protects the accounts of everyone in your firm from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

There are various benefits of MFA. First let’s discuss what MFA is and the types that exist.

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What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

MFA is an authentication approach that requires two or more methods of proving someone’s identity. The user must prove their identity before accessing applications, information, or other resources.

The method of authenticating the user’s identity can be via tokens, passwords, or devices. Multi-factor authentication is also called two-factor authentication, 2FA, or two-step verification.

While the terms are sometimes interchangeable,keep in mind that two-factor authentication refers to merely using more than one method of identification. Multi-factor typically refers to using two or more methods.

Now let’s discuss the varieties of MFA:

Types Of Multi-Factor Authentication

There are several methods you can use to identify a user’s identity. Here are some of the most common methods:

Text and Email Codes

A code is sent via text or email to the user. This ensures that they have access to the same account used or connected to the information they’re attempting to access.

Authentication Apps

Google and Microsoft are examples of companies that provide authentication apps. These generate one-time codes that a user provides the verification service to prove they are who they say they are.

Biometric Data

Users can use biometric data such as face recognition, eye scanning, voice recognition, or fingerprints. This is one of the advantages of multi factor authentication that is very difficult to emulate.

Physical Keys

These types of verification come in physical form. This includes thumb drives or physical devices that must be in the user’s possession.

That being said, what are the advantages of using MFA in your company?

The Benefits Of Multi Factor Authentication

Any reputable experts in cyber security in Atlanta will tell you there are several benefits to using multi-factor authentication. These include:

Additional Security Layers

If your security protocol is only one layer deep, then it can be easy for cyber criminals to gain access to your credentials and your information. Multi-faceted security is one of the primary MFA benefits.

File Control

As companies grow, the amount of sensitive data that they must protect also increases. Ensure that only the most qualified people in your company can access highly secret or vulnerable data.

Remote Productivity

The increase in remote work has led to additional security vulnerabilities across the globe. When sending or receiving data online, it is crucial that the user first identify themselves. Otherwise, a hacker from the other side of the world could gain access to the account.

Ensuring Compliance With Regulatory Bodies

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act, is one example of an industry standard that requires additional security.

Furthermore, cyber insurance often requires businesses to use the proper security protocols in order to enjoy full coverage.

Reduce The Risk Of Easy Passwords

Studies show that most people reuse account passwords for multiple services or applications. This means that if a hacker finds a password to an unrelated account, they can try to use it to gain access to the user’s work account.

If this happens, it could have dire consequences. MFA helps prevent this by ensuring that more than a simple password is required to gain access.

Use MFA To Protect Your Business

It is more important than ever to protect your data, both for your company and for your clients. Failing to do so could result in data breaches that are not just costly, but dangerous. Contact a cybersecurity firm like JETT Business Technology today to safeguard your information and business technology.

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