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Low Voltage Cabling

JETT Strengthening Low Voltage Cabling and Premise Security Services

JETT Business Technology is pleased to announce the establishment of our in-house Low Voltage Cabling and Premise Security Division. Although JETT Business Technology has historically …

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An Explanation of What ‘The Cloud’ Really Is (Without the Geek-Speak)

Almost every day, someone on the JETT BT Team is engaged by a customer or potential customer with the following line of questioning: What Is …

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Adding Protection and Safety in Our Information Technology World

An average of 5,000 to 7,000 new computer security threats are announced each year. That equates to as many as 19 new threats each and …

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What Is the Weakest Link in Your Data Security?

It’s no secret that the answer to the question above is not “what” the weakest link is, but “who”. The weakest links for securing company …

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Avoiding WannaCry Ransomware

JETT BT has been protecting our customers from this threat and other Internet menaces well before the WannaCry event hit the news media. The key …

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