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The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Cyber Security

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Cyber Security

Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity is becoming a pressing topic in the business world. After all, AI is showing no signs of slowing down.

That being said, let’s talk about some of the ways that AI and cybersecurity are intersecting. Therefore, you can best prepare yourself for the future right now.

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How Does AI Work?

Let’s explore how AI works before we talk about how it is involved in cybersecurity:


The program will take in information to have more reference points. In this way, the intelligence “learns” after each iteration.


The AI has logic programmed into it to act on these data points that it collects. Its reasoning is always evolving based on the initial inputs.

Self Correction

As time goes on, the program will continue to refine its results so that it produces more accurate outcomes. This is a key part of any AI, as it can leverage data input without manual intervention.

Artificial Intelligence And Cybersecurity: The Connection

AI and cybersecurity are intricately linked in a variety of ways. Let’s look at a few primary ways that AI and cybersecurity are used together:

Threat Detection

AI can learn what cyber criminals do and how to monitor these repeatable patterns. From here it can alert you to potential threats.

Bot Blocking

Bots will leave digital signatures. AI can detect when a bot may be being used to access your website or information. From here it can block the malicious bots so that automated threats cannot be implemented against you.

Breach Prediction

There are certain factors that occur when a breach happens when it comes to data security. AI can predict this using analytics and machine learning.

Endpoint Protection

Protect your company assets using antivirus software and AI which leverages geolocation detection to ensure that only authorized personnel can access information.

Maximize AI For Your Cybersecurity Today

As specialists in cybersecurity, JETT Business Technology constantly monitors artificial intelligence and cybersecurity trends. And the role of AI in cybersecurity cannot be overstated.

Artificial intelligence could have far reaching consequences in business — from security to marketing, to operations. Don’t get left behind in the near or distant future. You don’t need another “Role of AI in Cyber Security” PPT file to look over. Instead, stay on the cutting edge with real technology professionals on your side. For more information, contact us at JETT Business Technology.

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