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Artificial Intelligence In Cloud Computing

Artificial Intelligence In Cloud Computing

In 2023 and beyond, cloud computing and AI are important topics for every business to keep in mind. Using cloud-based technology, you have to mitigate risks, enhance uptime, and ultimately implement a custom solution to meet your growing needs.

So keep reading to learn about the intersection of artificial intelligence and cloud computing in Atlanta and how hiring the right cybersecurity firm can help you achieve your digital information goals.

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Cloud Based Artificial Intelligence 101

Before getting into cloud computing and artificial intelligence, let’s talk about what this concept truly means. When we talk about the cloud and artificial intelligence, it’s essentially the strategy of creating a combination of these two technologies.

The introduction of AI to cloud systems allows for more strategic and data-driven decision making. AI also increases efficiency.

Ultimately, your company can become more agile and flexible while saving money with a hybrid approach. Using the insights created from AI, you can craft better products, marketing campaigns, and customer experiences. What may have taken months in the past to deploy may only take a few days now.

The Benefits Of AI And Cloud Computing

Better Data

AI can help you structure and silo your data. This makes it more readable and faster to put into action security and privacy. If you hire a cybersecurity firm, they can leverage AI in the background to detect threats, identify hackers, and protect your systems against vulnerabilities.

Provide Stakeholders With Options

Any growing company needs to optimize their workflows, streamline their data processes, and maintain large repositories of data. However, this data is only useful when it’s put into action.

Therefore, stakeholders and executives must be able to view reports of this information to understand how it affects business KPIs. Pulling together information from software like CRMs, security software, email marketing, and more, allow you to combine your cloud setup with your business growth metrics.


AI is excellent at taking large swaths of information and combining it in an integrated format. Therefore, if you have several technologies or software stacks, you can automate the hybridization.

Leverage AI In Cloud Computing With JETT Business Technology

If you’re looking for a cloud computing in Atlanta, they consider JETT Business Technology. We have the industry standard security certifications and expertise in helping your systems maintain 99.9% uptime.

By using backups, we’ll ensure that your data is protected and can be recovered in the event of a disaster. You deserve a firm that uses security best practices. Contact us today to learn more.

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